About Us

In 1947, Rocky D’Augustino, an orphan from New Haven, Connecticut, moved out west to California. One of the first things he discovered was that the wonderful pizza from his old neighborhood did not exist in his new hometown. Renting the old pharmacy building from the Mantelli family, Rocky introduced the first and only pizza house between Los Angeles and San Francisco. After nine years in business, Rocky decided to move north.

At that time, Frank D’Ambrosio Sr., also from New Haven, was looking for a business opportunity for his brother John and himself. When their WWII buddy, Luigi, expressed interest in joining his friends in the new venture, “Frankie, Johnnie, & Luigi Too!” was born.

Frankie johnny-the-boysIn February, 1958, Frank and his wife, Concetta (Tina), along with Mario and Enza Volpe, opened the original Giorgio’s Pizza House at 1445 Foxworthy Avenue, in the Foxworthy Shopping Center in San Jose, California. In 1960, they sold out to Louise and Anthony D’Ambruoso, affectionately known as “Sash and Lou” who were cousins to the family.

“Sash and Lou” owned and operated Giorgio’s from 1960 to 1968, at which time, Frank and Tina’s four sons, Don, Nick, Frank and John purchased the restaurant. In 1972, they subsequently purchased “Frankie, Johnnie, & Luigi Too!” after the business changed hands briefly. Both restaurants are still owned and operated by the D’Ambrosio Family to this day, along with other locations throughout the Greater Bay Area.

With all our hearts, we want to express our gratitude for all the love, guidance and knowledge they all have shared in giving us. Our brothers and families will always strive to maintain the high standard of food, service and value that they have set for us. Our restaurants are dedicated to them.
Forever in our hearts – “The Boys”

In The Community

Things To Do In Your Community

Eat your way to a successful Fund-Raiser!!!
Raise money for your school, sports team, organization or community club. Hold a fund-raiser at Giorgio’s Italian Food and Pizzeria. For the past 10 years we have been successfully hosting fundraisers and would be delighted to add your organization to our growing list of successful organizations. Let us help you raise thousands of dollars for organizations just like yours.

 Here is how it works:
1.) Fund-raisers are held on any Monday or Tuesday night of your choice.
2.) We will design a ‘Master’ flyer/voucher that will help you advertise your event.
3.) You reproduce enough copies for distribution to your student body or organization members.
4.) The evening of your event, simply present your voucher with your payment for any in-house dining or take-out order and 15% of the bill will be donated to your organization.
5.) Payment to your organization, in the form of a check, is sent directly to you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a fund-raising event, please contact the General Manager at one of our locations. Availability of dates is limited so please don’t delay.

As a family owned business in the Greater Bay Area, we have always tried to support our local community as they have supported us for more than 50 years. To assist us in continuing to honor local donation requests, we ask that in return you will recommend our restaurants to all associated with your organization, group or business. Again, it is our honor to support those who support us. Thank you for the opportunity.

Things We Are Doing In Our Community

We support the second annual D’Ambrosio Golf Tournament
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We support San Jose UNICO of UNICO National the largest Italian-American service organization in the USA.
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